December 1, 2023
Why Work Doesnt Happen At Work

What they are really saying is that they cant actually get work done at work. The average office is the last place in people’s minds as the go-to to really get work done.

Quite frankly, its because the office has become a place that harbors all types of distractions. A busy office is like a cheese grater - it cuts your day into tiny bits. Twenty minutes here, five minutes there, ten minutes here, fifteen minutes there. Each of these little segments is filled with a meeting, a conference call, another meeting, or some other institutionalized unnecessary interruption.

It’s impossible to really get any meaningful work done when it's been shredded into work moments.

Real work, the kind of work that actually matters, the type of work that keeps the ball rolling and gives you a sense of pride, the work that inspires - this type of effort takes stretches of uninterrupted time to get into the “zone”.  In the modern office, long stretches simply don’t exist. The modern office is the place where all great work goes to die.

This is why going remote has become praised as the “Future of work.” It only makes sense.  Not only have statistics showing that more work gets done going remote, but a vast majority of workers prefer to work alone. A nationwide survey conducted by SurePayroll of more than 2,060 professionals concluded that 86% prefer to work alone to hit maximum productivity. From the same study, more than two-thirds of employers that allowed “work from home days” reported an increase in productivity among their telecommuters.

Going remote does have its implications and valid questions to ask.

How to increase communication in remote teams is probably the number one question that gets brought up. A qualifier that’s added is how to communicate with your remote team without decrease productivity. It's a totally valid question, how do you communicate all the information you need when your team is across the country or in a different timezone?

Here at YAC we’re making it easier for remote teams to instantly communicate through voice at the click of a button. YAC cuts out all the wasted time that video conferences take up. We’ve also cut out the anxiety-inducing clutter that builds up from all the different open conversations you have in communication apps like Skype.

More straightforward productive communication that involves the right people means more efficiency and happy productive workers.

We’ve also included features such as instant multi-screen sharing so that both you and the person you’re YACing can share screens simultaneously while talking, and asynchronous messaging so that VM’s (voice messages) are saved for the receiver in case they are away from the keyboard.

Yes its a product we made ourselves, yes we’re promoting it in this blog, yes we would like you and your team to use it and yes we make money off YAC, but we created YAC because we spotted a major flaw that existed in communication. A flaw that transcended from the evil realm from which remote work helped people escape from. The flaw; office meetings replaced by video conferences. Just saying that word makes me quiver, it's so ugly. Video conferences are office meetings disguised as the “new” way for remote workers to communicate. Because it's over the internet and internet connection is faster than gathering people in a room it should follow that it's better. That couldn't be further from the truth.

All you’re doing is removing the “office” aspect and replacing it with a video camera or computer mic, and then you’re still stuck with the main productivity killer; meetings.

This major issue gave rise to YAC. YAC simplifies everything; talk who you need to talk to instantly, no cluttered inbox, no hassle. Screen share, and asynchronous messaging (VM’s for short) all at the click of a button.

If you think you and your team need YAC and want to give it a try click this link and enjoy an account of up to 3 users on us.