December 1, 2023
34 Zoom Memes

30+ hilarious Zoom memes that we can all relate to 

We’ve scoured social media and the wider internet to present you with these hilarious (and painfully relatable) Zoom meeting memes. You’re welcome. 

1. Samuel L. Jackson: The before and after

If anything sums up Zoom fatigue, this is it. 

You start the day composed, ready, and raring to go. After four hours and ten online meetings, it’s a different story.

Samuel L Jackson Zoom meetings meme
Source: Remote Tools

2. We’ve all been there

Camera on? Sure, I’ll get dressed. Camera off? Sweats it is. 

Chihuahua zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

3. How the mighty have fallen

Credit where credit is due, Zoom saw massive popularity (and stocks skyrocketed) thanks to social distancing and lockdowns in 2020 and 2021. 

But with the Coronavirus vaccine on the scene and a lot of businesses returning to the office or adopting a hybrid work model, the shareholders at Zoom might be breaking a sweat. 

zoom and covid-19 meme
Source: Know Your Meme

4. We feel you, Buster

Employees spend 31 hours every month in unproductive meetings, so we get where Buster is coming from. 

Meeting could have been an email meme
Source: Memes

The good news is there are ways to prevent unnecessary meetings from taking up too much time. Take a look at asynchronous communication as an example. 

With async communication, teams can have meetings without needing to be available in real-time. As a result, employees spend less time in unproductive meetings and more time being productive in other areas. 

5. We relate to this cat

The passive-aggressive death stare that says, “I don’t need to be here,” is tricky to master. 

This cat has 100% nailed it.  

cat zoom meme

6. Another one for the cat owners out there

People with pets got pretty creative when it came to keeping their pets quiet and out of sight while working from home.

how to prepare for a Zoom meeting meme
Source: Know Your Meme

7. I’ll be honest with you, I’m just here for the cameos

For those that couldn’t keep their furry pals under wraps, we’re here for it. 

kids and pets in zoom meetings meme
Source: Know Your Meme

8. The struggle is real

Did that call *really* need to be seven hours long? Probably not. 

7 hour zoom meeting meme
Source: Know Your Meme

We can’t quote her directly, but we’re pretty sure this little girl would’ve been grateful for asynchronous communication. 

9. When will it end? 

When your to-do list is a mile long but you have 10,000 Zoom meetings on your calendar this week.

Me getting ready for Zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

If you’re not sure whether something should be a meeting, take a look at this article: When should you NOT conduct a meeting? A sense check. Your employees will thank you. 

10. Inception

We admire his creativity. Bravo. 

Zoom background of myself
Source: Know Your Meme

People who keep us entertained during synchronous meetings are the real MVPs.

11. *Cue dramatic violin*

The only time of day you’re truly alone with your thoughts. 

Zoom waiting room meme
Source: Know Your Meme

*Logs in meditation app*

12. The Brady Bunch would be so proud 

We’re like one big, happy Zoom family. (We’ve always wanted to do this, but we love asynchronous meetings more.)

Brady Bunch Zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

13. Nice Zoom background, Kevin. Very funny

Lockdown really lowered comedic standards. 

Silly Zoom background meme
Source: Pinterest

14. There’s always one 

Deep breath. We’re almost there. No. Don’t do it, Carl!

Someone asks a question Zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

15. I keep this ship afloat

My presence alone keeps this organization alive. My silence is my contribution.

when you stay silent through the whole zoom meeting but you say thanks everyone at the end to make it seem like you contributed

16. Whenever you’re ready, Susan

“We’ll just wait for Susan to join before we get started.”

Cue awkward silence and small talk. 

When you're waiting for the last person to join the Zoom call meme

17. Giving myself a 10/10

I’m having a great hair day. *Captures screenshot*

Me looking at myself in the video chat not hearing a word anyone's saying meme
Source: Know Your Meme

18. Beyonce and Jay-Z are a close second 

I might be silent and unseen, but I can assure you I’m paying close attention to what’s going on. 

Unmute start video zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

19. Don’t make me do small talk 

I still get points for participation, right?

Don't make me do small talk meme
Source: Know Your Meme

20. Send help 

One person is definitely enjoying this conversation more than the other. 

Send help Zoom meme
Source: Memes

21. Ready? I was born ready

Just give me five minutes to make a coffee. 

You free to jump on a quick video call? meme
Source: Know Your Meme

22. Sorry, what’s happening? 

Information retention = minimal. 

Zoom timeline meme
Source: Know Your Meme

If you struggle to follow virtual meetings from start to finish, async voice messaging could be a better alternative. 

With a voice message, you can go back and listen to the recording if there’s anything you missed. And with Yac, each voice note or screen share is transcribed, so you can scan the message and prioritize listening accordingly.

23. Sleeping is good for me

Zoom call at 9 a.m.? *Sets alarm for 8:59 a.m.* 

Me waking up 30 seconds before my zoom meetings every morning meme
Source: Know Your Meme

24. Meeting password: @£!@XJKSHAzSDF=+)

Even James Bond would have a hard time getting into most Zoom calls. 

Zoom waiting room meme
Source: Know Your Meme

25. It’s not my best angle

I thought every side was my good side until I met the Zoom camera.

How others look like in Zoom meme
Source: Know Your Meme

26. Welcome to 2022. Seeing colleagues in 3D is now super weird.

It’s a surreal moment for everyone involved. 

When you finally meet your co-worker in person meme
Source: Know Your Meme

27. No one said I needed to wear pants

Comfort is my top priority. It’s called self-care.

No pants Zoom meme
Source: Reddit

28. Just taking a little peak, no big deal

“That’s a lovely dining table, Jan. Ikea?” 

Looking into people's houses during zoom calls meme
Source: @thewittysocialworker


29. Freedom at last

Ah, natural light and fresh air. How I’ve missed you. 

back-to-back zoom meetings meme
Source: Meme Generator 

30. I’m not ready for this

I didn’t get the memo that I needed to make an effort. *Turns up the Zoom filter to 100*

everyone please turn your cameras on for this Zoom meeting meme
Source: Ahseeit

31. You might not like what you see

Please, don’t make me do this.

When you roll out of bed for an early morning zoom call and your boss wants everyone to turn on their camera
Source: iFunny

32. Times have changed

Personally, I think I nailed it. 

my ancestors who survived wars and famines watching me practice yes before unmuting on zoom meme
Source: Memedroid

33. I can never show my face again

Well, this is awkward. 💀

When you accidentally share the wrong screen Zoom meme
Source: Chanty

34. So uh, airplane food, what’s up with that?

Is there anything worse than staring into your boss’ digital eyes for what feels like an eternity?

Nope. There really isn’t. 

when everyone is getting off the zoom call but you're struggling to find the leave meeting button so then it's just you and the host meme
Source: Twitter

Alleviate your Zoom woes with asynchronous communication 

All jokes aside, Zoom meetings can get pretty tiresome when they’re used too frequently. 

And if you’re working as part of a remote or hybrid team, relying on Zoom video calls as your main method of communication simply isn’t efficient—especially if team members are working different hours or in different timezones. 

Not to mention, it also eats into your deep work schedule and can impact your productivity.  

To make your life easier, use asynchronous communication. 

Unlike synchronous communication, async communication allows teams to communicate virtually without needing an immediate response. 

Emails, direct messages (like in Slack), and voice messages are all examples of async communication—when used correctly. The information is shared with the relevant parties, and they can respond when it suits them best (just watch out for expectations to reply immediately and email overload). 

With a platform like Yac, you can even host asynchronous meetings, meaning that employees spend less time in unnecessary meetings

Let’s take a look at some of these benefits in more detail. 

Minimize time spent in unnecessary meetings 

Async communication provides flexibility, helping team members complete their work without the stress of showing up at a certain time or responding to notifications immediately. 

Let’s look at async meetings as an example. 

Team members can respond to communications on their schedules. They don’t have to be available in real-time to attend the meetings, allowing them to be more productive in other areas of their work.  

Async meetings are also a great way for remote teams to improve their collaboration. When people aren’t working in the same space or even in the same time zone, async meetings still allow them to communicate and collaborate on important issues. 

Reduce Zoom fatigue 

Zoom memes may be trending, but Zoom fatigue is real. Last year, 13.8% of women and 5.5% of men felt “very” or “extremely” fatigued from Zoom calls specifically. 

Research suggests this is due to several reasons: 

  • Higher amount of eye contact. On Zoom calls, we use an unnatural amount of eye contact. In a normal meeting, you’d be looking elsewhere or taking notes throughout. But in Zoom, you tend to focus solely on the participants on your screen. 
  • Seeing yourself on screen. Whether you know it or not, your eye is drawn to your face on the screen. It’s like someone following you around with a mirror all day, which would be pretty distracting (and also kind of weird). Our brains simply aren’t used to it. 
  • Body positioning. In a Zoom meeting, you tend to stay in the same position for a long time. This can be tiring on the body, especially if you’re used to moving around throughout the day. 
  • Higher cognitive load. Face-to-face, people tend to pick up on body signals and nonverbal communication. In a video chat, we work harder to understand those non-verbal signals (e.g., “The boss is frowning. Is that because they don’t like my response or because they’re concentrating?”). This is why we often speak out of turn or over the top of each other on video calls.

If it’s not tiring enough trying to decipher your colleagues’ intentions on a video call, it’s also exhausting looking at yourself on camera multiple times a day. According to researchers from Washington University in St. Louis, people reported spending about 40% of their time on Zoom looking at their own image, with some reporting they looked at themselves 100% of the time.

To lighten the cognitive load and reduce Zoom fatigue, async communication can be helpful. Teams don’t need to sit at their computer for hours on end, tiring themselves mentally. They can respond to messages when they’re in the right mindset to do so.

Foster an inclusive and comfortable work culture 

Not everyone thrives in meetings. Some people, particularly introverts, would rather take the time to think things through before responding. 

Async communication allows them to do this.

Here’s a short Yac explaining this in more detail: 

For more introverted team members, this is a great way to work. There’s less pressure to respond instantly, and they can take the time to feel confident in their responses. 

Communicate with accuracy and detail 

On top of creating a comfortable work environment, async communication also helps people produce in-depth and thoughtful responses. 

Not only does this make collaboration more efficient, it means that what people share is clear, thorough, and detailed. There’s no need for a back-and-forth conversation about what they’re trying to say because it’s clear from the offset. 

Not to mention, you can also replay information. For example, you can reread a message or replay a voice recording. Team members can return to these at any time and make sure their response is relevant and well-informed instead of off-the-cuff. 

In comparison with a real-time meeting, async is much more efficient—especially if you have a large meeting with a lot of people throwing ideas into the mix. With async, you can keep track of ideas and take time to formulate a comprehensive response.

Try asynchronous communication with Yac

So, there you have it: a collection of painfully funny memes about Zoom meetings and a solution to the problem. We truly believe that asynchronous communication is the way forward. It’s more efficient for your business, and it protects your staff from the cries for help we now see trending in funny posts on social media.

If you want more information about using asynchronous communication, take a look at Yac. Our platform helps teams eliminate redundant meetings, use their time efficiently, and collaborate as seamlessly as possible. 

Schedule a demo to see how it works, or sign up for free to get started.